Category: Branding

  • Personal Branding

    PERSONAL BRANDING, 2022, adobe illustrator, indesign & after effects

  • Stars Above Penn Dixie

    Stars Above Penn Dixie

    STARS ABOVE PENN DIXIE, 2022, adobe illustrator & photoshop Branding campaign for a local stargazing event held at Penn Dixie Fossil Park & Nature Reserve Merchandise

  • p&ty cosmetics

    p&ty cosmetics

    P&TY COSMETICS, 2022, adobe illustrator & fresco Packaging and ad campaign for a cosmetics brand with a focus on using makeup as an outlet to have fun, express yourself, and appreciate their individuality

  • brain stew brews

    brain stew brews

    BRAIN STEW BREWS, 2021, adobe illustrator & blender Packaging and model for a brewing company marketed towards individuals with mental health issues who want a strong drink to forget their trauma

  • supergiants salsa

    supergiants salsa

    SUPERGIANTS SALSA, 2020, adobe illustrator & photoshop Packaging for a salsa brand based off of the characteristics of different supergiant stars Includes my original copy-writing

  • endangered prosimian sanctuary

    endangered prosimian sanctuary

    ENDANGERED PROSIMIAN SANCTUARY, 2021, adobe illustrator, indesign & photoshop Branding for the Endangered Prosimian Sanctuary, based in Jacksonville, FL, including a series of logos, stationery, mailers, and merchandise. the logo was selected to replace their previous one by the organization’s board over multiple other students’ work

  • next gen

    next gen

    NEXT GEN ENERGY, 2020, adobe illustrator Logo series for the different branches of an energy company